BPC-157 5MG PER VIAL – Single vial


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BPC-157 5MG single vial.

Body protecting compound (BPC-157) is a group of amino acids from the recovery peptides. BPC-157 has a great ability in recovering pain and healing injuries. Moreover, it is used to treat some intestinal problems like ulcers. It has some anti-inflammatory effects in healing arthritis and similar inflammations. Researchers are also studying the efficacy of this peptide in repairing certain organ damages.

BPC-157 has many health benefits and organizations are still undergoing research to discover more.  Some of the research that involved BPC-157 products were muscles, teeth, bone, and intestinal studies. Since it has the potential to cure severe complications, rigorous in-vitro research is required first.


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BPC-157 5MG PER VIAL - Single vial