TB-500 5MG CASE OF 10


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TB-500 5MG CASE OF 10

Simply put, TB500 is a synthetic version of the healing protein released by the thymus gland (Thymosin Beta 4). That, in turn, creates T-cells which work to boost the immune system to fight off disease; plus, heals damage to the tendons, muscles, ligaments, and bones. It also reduces inflammation, increases collagen, and determines how well we recover from injuries. In short, the number of T-cells we have is a main component to one’s health and TB500 essentially gives you “more.”

TB500 also upregulates actin and myosin which open blood vessel pathways resulting in increased stamina and greater potential muscle growth. As an added benefit, it may help heal damaged heart tissue!

The molecular structure of TB500 (a sequence of amino acids) is created to resemble the same amino acid structure naturally released by the thymus gland. They are so close, in fact, that the TB500 works very much in the same way the body recognizes the molecular structure of Vitamin C in a vitamin pill (created in a lab) as it does to the Vitamin C in an orange.

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TB-500 5MG CASE OF 10