ALL our products are HPLC tested prior to sale; you will not receive a product from a batch that has not been tested to quantify the dosage. Double filtered USP MCT Oil. Our supplier uses the highest quality vials on the market and now all new vials will be using a high quality silicone stopper.
Here are some of the steps for the vials: Raw Glass vials start off as : Type I neutral borosilicate tubular glass. Vials are 100% inspected in ISO 7-class clean room. Washing – Vials are washed with WFI(water for injection) . Depyrogenation – Vials are depyrogenated in a tunnel drying cabinet according to the Pharmacopea requirements. Tray loading – Vials are placed into the nest tray and tub by automatic manipulator in ISO 4.8-class clean room. Tyvek® sealing & sterile bag bagging – One Tyvek® paper is put on the vial top and the tub is sealed by Tyvek® paper in ISO 4.8-class clean room. The tub is put into the Tyvek® bag in ISO 7-class clean room. Sterilization – Sterilization is made through ETO(Ethylene Oxide) according to ISO 11135.
The vials are then topped off with 20mm matte finish flip cap vial seals manufactured by West Pharmaceuticals. West is the world standard in quality vial packaging components, including matte finish flip off vial seals used in the pharmaceutical industry. Several colors available. West Pharmaceutical “matte cap” flip off seals do not have any words embossed in the plastic cap to comply with USP regulations on ferrules used in the pharmaceutical industry in the USA. As an added benefit, the matte finish resists scratches while in transit, helping to maintain a clean, professional appearance.

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